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J Valentine Lahey

Psychic Astrologer

Valentine is a professionally trained psychic and self-taught astrologer. He first began studying astrology at age 21 in 1989. His time at Berkeley Psychic Institute began at age 30 in 1998. He graduated from their clairvoyant training program in 2000 and taught at the Institute from 2000—2002. In his work today, Val maintains a dual focus on clairvoyance and astrology. The former is purely intuitive and the latter is a complex mix of analysis and intuition.

Clairvoyance is psychic seeing. Your aura contains colors and energetic pictures which emerge naturally when awareness is attuned to receive. You need only desire to be seen as you are, an eternal being whose experiences ripple through past, present and future. Each session is a singular, spirit—to—spirit dialogue. Valentine offers energetic healings by request as a free bonus included with readings.

His practice of western aka tropical astrology is uniquely eclectic. His approach to individual chart reading varies according to your needs and preferences as a client. For those new to the subject, he may stick to the very most basic components, like Sun, Moon, ascendant and lunar nodes. Transits, progressions, dwarf planets, asteroids, centaurs, astrocartography, Human Design: all these may be explored in depth for the more adventurous. Avoidance of rote or clichéd interpretations is a priority favoring nuance and support. We’re here to appreciate the life we’ve been given.

Valentine has also studied the dwarf planet Eris for several years. He has arrived at a vanguard level of ability to delineate its effects by natal placement and is developing an understanding of its effects by transit as well. . He sees Eris as an emerging force dominating global hegemony now and for decades to come.

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